About SLB

Surly Leprechaun Brewing is the only Canadian homebrew supply shop south of Hamilton, Ontario, but it’s more than that.  Surly Leprechaun Brewing is a a brew club, a community of adventurous and committed brewers, and a network that aspiring and experienced brewers alike can connect to for instruction and inspiration.

Darryl MurphySurly Leprechaun Brewing is a one man show and that man is me, Darryl Murphy.  I’m a husband and father of 3 amazing girls.  I have a passion for brewing and a passion for sharing this passion with others.  During the day, I am a financial analyst and part-time philosophy professor.  By night and on the weekends I’m the proprietor of Surly Leprechaun Brewing.  The vision I had when I opened the shop in May 2017 was to ensure that brewers and home brewers in particular can engage in an share their craft without having to drive for hours or plan their brew days around mail/internet order delivery schedules.  I want SLB to give my fellow homebrewers the ability to dream up a recipe on their Friday drive home from work and be brewing that recipe very the very same weekend.

That said, Surly Leprechaun Brewing is still very much a work in progress.  Just like my brewing, when it comes to Surly Leprechaun Brewing, I’m always interested in trying new things.  I always welcome your input.  And I always wan to know when something isn’t working right.  Sometimes Surly Leprechaun Brewing does have to take a back seat to my day job(s), but that will never mean that my commitment to my customers and Niagara’s homebrewing community is fading!