SLB’s 1st Quarter, Learning Things, Restructured Pricing, Savings for You!

Surly Leprechaun Brewing has officially survived its first quarter thanks, in no small part, to you!

Over the past 4 months I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know a good cross section of the Niagara Region brewing community, home brewers, students, professional brewers, professors, and their families.  Each one of you have taught me a lot!  From your incites into different products and processes, I’m overwhelmed by how much I’ve learned and, more than that, I’ve been rewarded with your patronage and better beer in my kegs!

I’ve also managed to iron out a few kinks, establish connections with suppliers, and build industry partnerships.  Having taken stock of all these lessons and connections I’m pleased to announce that I’m able to give some back!

Effective immediately, Surly Leprechaun Brewing will move to a flat rate pricing scheme:

All base malts, $1.25 per lb / $2.76 per kg

All specialty malts, $2.25 per lb / $4.96 per kg

The pricing on our 55 lb / 25 kg sacs will also drop considerably:

55lb / 25kg sac of 2-Row, $45.99 (that’s $0.84 per lb)

55lb / 25kg sac of Pilsner, $46.99 (that’s $0.86 per lb)

THIS IS NOT A SALE!  I will no longer be offering a student discount (only one guy ever asked for it anyway), but this new pricing amounts to a 16-33% discount on malt across the board!

Before signing off I’ll also mention that we’re looking at doing something similar with hops.  We’ll first need to settle on a reliable supplier.  When we do, I’ll let you all know!